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(This can be a useful tool but does not provide an evaluation of the strength of the school’s Biblical worldview.)

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(This can be a useful tool but does not provide an evaluation of the strength of the school’s Biblical worldview.)

Answers in Genesis

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(This can be a useful tool to learn how to research and look up facts.)

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(This can be a useful tool but does not provide an evaluation of the strength of the school’s Biblical worldview.)

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The Cornwall Declaration
(A powerful statement of Judeo-Christian belief about religion and the environment)

David Barton Testifies Before the Senate

We Get It
Caring for the Environment and the Poor, Biblically

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(Christian tours of D.C., Jamestown, Boston, etc.)

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Pamphlets on the Constitution

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Papers of James McHenry on the Federal Convention

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Notes of Rufus King

Notes of William Patterson

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Child Evangelical Fellowship


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